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Opcode offers full application design services, including initial consultations, stakeholder engagement, business analysis and documentation.

Our agile development practice emphasises the continuous adjustment of the application design throughout the development process in response to changing business needs.


Opcode provides precisely engineered web applications to meet your needs, from powerful real-time services to complex or niche data management issues.

Applications are delivered using a robust, cutting-edge agile process ensuring that your needs are taken into account not only at the beginning of the development cycle, but at every step of construction.


Comprehensive automated testing is the foundation of reliable software, and all Opcode software is delivered with an automated test suite intended to simulate and verify the user experience, both on delivery and throughout the lifetime of the application.


Opcode offers full maintenance and support of your application, in the cloud or on-site, including within specific jurisdictions for legal and business reasons.

Support is available at every level from best-effort to full 24/7/365 SLA to suit your needs.


Opcode provides rapid incident response, design and implementation of code and infrastructure that is hack and DDoS resistant, code security reviews and assistance with general security strategy.


For companies that need a strong technical side, Opcode offers a full suite of technical services, including assisting with budgeting and reports, strategic analysis, management of your vendor relationships and assisting clients.


Opcode offers full hosting and managed infrastructure. Whether you need a single host with an application on it, or a multi-datacentre cluster with load balancers, application and database hosts all managed automatically, Opcode has extensive experience in every aspect including design, implementation and operation.


Opcode provides training in a variety of development topics, including Web Development, Continuous Delivery, Automated Testing, and Automated Infrastructure Deployment & Management.

Our Team

Martyn Smith

Martyn has a wealth of experience in building complex, scalable web applications for some of the largest companies in New Zealand. With a strong focus on realtime systems and data processing, Martyn has delivered dozens of production internet systems to customers worldwide.

Nigel McNie

Nigel has built numerous web applications for government, education, private sector and startup clients. He has lead development on several large private and FOSS projects, and has a strong focus on rapid, quality application construction, combined with a rigorous attention to detail.

Richard Clark

Richard has been providing web development, operations, leadership and strategy services since 1996. An IT generalist with a particular focus on software development, Richard has gained enormous experience working with market-leading organisations in New Zealand, the US and the UK.


Consulting & Casual

For short engagements with no on-going commitment, Opcode charges NZ$200 per hour plus expenses. On-site requirements may incur travel time fees as well depending on location.

Development & Operations

For on-going engagements Opcode charges NZ$170 per hour plus expenses. Discounts are available for clients who are able to provide minimum time commitments.

All clients can manage expenditure via full-project or per-month budgets as required. Opcode provides committed pricing for most project work.

Service level agreements

All operations services come with best-effort response times. For clients who have a need for contracted maximum response times and windows, we offer different options below.

Response times are measured in two numbers, the first is the maximum time before one of our team answers the call, email or alarm, and the second is the maximum time before one of our team begins work on a resolution.

Within New Zealand and Australia

Hours and Days 90min / 180min 30min / 60min
9am to 5pm, business days NZ$500/mo NZ$1,000/mo
6am to 11pm, 7 days a week NZ$1,000/mo NZ$2,000/mo
24 hours a day, 7 days a week NZ$2,000/mo NZ$4,000/mo


Global customers vary based on timezone, but the following rate is always available:

Hours and Days 90min / 180min 30min / 60min
24 hours a day, 7 days a week NZ$2,000/mo NZ$4,000/mo

Contact Us

Urgent enquiries & support

For urgent requests and support, call +64 21 478219

General enquiries

Telephone +64 21 478219
Email team@opcode.co.nz

Mailing address

Opcode Limited
PO Box 11965
Manners Mall

Company details

Company number 4476958
GST number 111694656